April 23, 2020: Search FUNctions

April 23, 2020 -- "v0.9mq"

Howdy once again, typist, whoever you are. Most of the time I've dedicated to Type Dreams this spring has focused on its library  of distinct texts and improving the individual books therein, as well as smoothing the "carousel shelf" interface, and (since the pile of books is growing nicely) adding a search function.

//==// Library Search \\==\\

• Added search functions to the library. Quickly pull up any unlocked book by typing a chunk of its title or genre while anywhere in the library. (Searching by author or keyword will be functional in the next build).

Searching! Is Fun!

Searching! Is Fun!

//==// New & Improved Books \\==\\

•  Added Lucky Spin feat. Lucas Steele
• Reimplemented Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce: a handful of definitions each time you crack the cover.
•  Improved Wildfire Poems by James Murf feat.  paintings by Maddox Pratt and music by Robert Alex Fralin.
Wildfire paintings by Maddox

Wildfire paintings by Maddox Pratt

//==// Fixes and Interface Tweaks \\==\\

• Fixed the crash which occurred while reverse-cycling thru library shelves.
• Fixed the occasionally-invisible-book dilemma and the <new> tags' strange behavior(s).
• Fixed inconsistencies among audio settings.
• Fixed fractured randominity among competition texts. Now, any unlocked book is a candidate when rolling for a random.

Plus other, minor stuff, hopefully all of it being the kind which makes the game smoother, faster, more enjoyable or intuitive without being apparent. Hopefully.

This build was made possible  thru the insights and support of Lucas Steele, Robert Miller, Laurie Pope, and everyone who has bug-reported, donated / tipped, rated, played, or even just downloaded this experiment.

I struggle to articulate exactly how nourishing and enlivening it feels when I see that people are downloading and playing this project either for the first time or having come back to it. Maybe it goes without saying, but in case it doesn't: I'd love to hear your thoughts on this project and on typing in general. I'm focused on this project with the belief that communication thru text is a profound phenomenon which transcends temporal and spacial boundaries; I'd like to return, this summer, to the ways in which this game showcases the lives of luminary individuals throughout typing's history*, but for now I'm far more attuned to the hope of a synchrony made possible between two individuals (across any divide of space/time) when they've typed, or are typing, identical sequences of letters.

Thanks for playing Type Dreams.

- Richard

* = For example, it'd be fun to point out that typing hero Sean Wrona finally broke Michael Shestov's record of 801 numbers in 5 minutes [with no mistakes]). He didn't even use the num pad! Also, Mr. Wrona is writing (not merely typing) a book on the history of typing speed.


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Version 8 Apr 23, 2020

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You are an absolutely incredible individual and I can't wait to see more from you. Type Dreams is amazing, and I hope your Patreon goes well, although it was quite hard to find! Maybe having some social media profiles would help bring some attention to your work; I wouldn't wish even for my worst enemy the use of Twitter, but a scheduling bot would do the trick without having to endure that awful experience. Either way, if you need any help with these useless and energy draining tasks or making a website (haven't seen you having one), I'd love to enquire without asking anything in return. I'm quite skilled at doing this stuff, if I say so myself.

Anyway, hope you're well and all.

Neat. Is it possible to transfer save data from an older version?

(2 edits)

It should be, yes! Some players have experienced glitchy behavior betwixt versions, but I believe all but one or two cases have resolved well (with all savedata, including stats and unlocked stuff, etc, intact).

If you encounter any trouble, please share its details here on the message board and we'll get it straightened out. Thank you for playing!