Corporeal Dex


I've never sold these; it was always enough to make (and have made) them. I've shared a few tables with gamblers willing to trust  that these are unmarked, and that's been a pleasure. I printed a big King of Blades for my brother, who is depicted as such. That's about it.

But now that I've come to understand their production, and can knock out new cards consistently, I thought: "What the hell? Why not." I figured I'd start at twenty decks, each with one unique card, and offer them to the whole wide mudball.

Thanks for looking, and best of luck at the table.


Get ♤Blades • ♡Blood • ◇Dollars • ♧Drugs

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I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the corporeal deck. The art on them looks really cool and the higher paper weight has gotta feel great. 

I'm wondering, what is the best way to get in touch with you about shipping?

I'm over in Germany, so I suppose shipping would be a bit trickier. I'd be happy to discuss any additional logistics. 


Hiya! So excited to play with these. What's the turn around time for receiving the corporeal deck?


Firstly: thank you.

Secondly! I'm sending out these decks in the order I got their orders, but yes I confess I've been unfairly slow in doing so.

Here's Why. I recently became homeless and, thusly, needed to forfeit some tools etc. That said, I'm dedicating my time to making the best cards I can, and then of course seeing that they're safely shipped out to you.

I'm sorry for taking so long! But, hell, sorry's just a word. Best I can do to demonstrate my sincerity is to get these fuckers mailed quickly. I'll follow up with you by email regarding shipping details and, since each deck has unique jokers, what you'd like depicted.

Thanks a million! -Richard

Thanks, Richard! 

I really appreciate your honesty. Just wanted to make sure they weren't lost in the ether or something. 


Been entranced by your work on these for a long time. How do I get my hands on one of the unique physical copies?

Wow, hey, thanks so much! There are, as of typing this, eleven decks left. Snag yours here (scroll to the bottom):

Thanks for the reply! The asking price, while entirely appropriate and reasonable, is a bit above my current ability to spend... so I’m going to play a little game of keeping an eye on it and if I happen to catch it when there’s only one deck remaining, I will bite the bullet and snag the last, otherwise if I miss them all, I’ll remain content with the print and play option and be happy for your success in selling the allotment of such uniquely awesome work!