A downloadable deck of playing cards

Howdy. This here's an illustrated "french deck" of conventional playing cards. It's good for blackjack, casiño, whist, Go-Fish, hearts, rummy / gin, and pokers all. (No jokers, though. So Spades is out, unless you make your own wild cards.)

These are 300dpi and are formatted 9-up on US standards Letter-sized sheets (8.5x11"). They're fit with cutting and color guides for those who have use of them. The margins are slimmest at the corners, so rounded edges are best (but can be tedious). Free and open-source, creative commons, etc

They're free! So anybody can print their own or uhh peek at the art, or wheatpaste their favorites over a billboard, or make some fucking magnets? Who knows.

Best of luck at the card table!


The corporeal decks
are sold out.

I'm not making any more because
the blood I was using to print them
has run dry.


royals_black.pdf 24 MB
royals_red.pdf 24 MB
_backs (2color).pdf 24 MB
_dollars.pdf 24 MB
_drugs.pdf 24 MB
_blood.pdf 24 MB
_blades.pdf 24 MB

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